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FAQ’s- Ask Your Indu-Electric Global Team!

How long has Indu-Electric been in business?

INDU-ELECTRIC has been working for the past 27 years in the European & International Markets to bring quality power distribution equipment to the world. Our European production facility in Germany opened in 1984 and our North-American facility in Burbank, California opened in 2002. We are proud that our power distribution equipment has been used for major events all over the world for the past 3 decades.

Do you sell direct to end-users?
Yes, we do! Upon preference please inquire about our preferred dealers and regional representatives in your area

Are you a Rental Company? 
No, Indu-Electric supports a large variety of rental companies in many different industries around the world. Upon request we can refer you to a rental house in your area that carries Indu-Electric brand distribution products.

Which industries do you serve? 
Our versatile power distribution product line serves multiple industries – Industrial, Entertainment, Motion Picture, Special Events, Theatrical, Convention, Construction, Generator, National/International Touring and unlimited individual custom solutions.

What are your enclosures made out of? 
We are proud to provide you with one of the world’s most advanced enclosure systems in the electrical industry. Our enclosures are made out of THERMOLENE®.
THERMOLENE® is non-conductive, UL94 V0 rated, UV resistant and virtually indestructible.
THERMOLENE® is designed to tolerate extreme mechanical strain at low and high temperatures. Unlike rubber THERMOLENE® has an extremely low heat transfer resistance which ensures optimal heat dissipation.
THERMOLENE® enclosures won’t break, lose color or shape as easily as other materials do, even when exposed to direct sunlight for many years.
Industrial solutions are designed in our THERMOLENE® Hybrid Plus system which combines a non-conductive enclosure with a stainless steel frame, fork-lift pockets and lock-out doors.

Is your product certified?
Yes, our power distribution boxes are UL1640 as well as CSA listed; European and International configurations are CE compliant. All of cable assemblies are currently in listing for full certification with ETL for USA and Canada.

Can I customize my configuration? 
Indu-Electric is your ultimate choice for professionally constructed custom power distribution systems.
We specialize in providing the ultimate custom design experience to our customers. Each job will be professionally designed and build to your specifications.

Do you offer cable assemblies? 
Yes, we are committed to designing and building superior custom cable assemblies. We offer a full complement of custom molded, mechanical assemblies, adapters and accessories. Indu-Electric is the ultimate one-stop-shop for your custom cable assemblies and power distribution needs. We offer same day service on most cable assemblies.

What is your general turn-around? 
We specialize in meeting tight deadlines. If you have an urgent project, let us help. For smaller orders we can offer same-day service. Custom configurations usually rage from 1-3 weeks depending on the complexity and scope of the project. Emergency premium processing is available upon request.

Do you carry standard configurations in stock? 
Yes, we do carry a great deal of standard configurations in stock. We also offer discounts on selected show room models- Please call us for details!


Do you require minimum orders? 
No, we’re here to help our customers get their jobs done, so we’ll give your order the same priority and respect, whether it’s a single order for a one-off project, or a major production.

What is your warranty?
Our products are covered by a two-year limited warranty.

What is the serviceability on your distros?
Outstanding- Even the highest quality components require occasional maintenance. Therefore all our enclosures are especially service friendly. The internal wiring is neatly routed with a peace of mind service loop for easy troubleshooting and maintenance. Components can be easily serviced or replaced within minutes.
Unlike molded enclosures our enclosures are designed around the components and aren’t dimensionally limited. Custom configurations can be built exactly to your dimensions.

Do you provide on-site support?
Upon request we can provide you with global support in the field.