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Power Distribution


  • 24 Channel 19 Pin CUBE®

    INDU-ELECTRIC has been awarded the US Patent #7848085 for our CUBE® line. This is the ultimate recognition for safety and reliability in non-conductive power distribution.

  • 100- 400A Disconnect Series

    These 3 phase disconnects are fully adjustable and can be de-rated from 250Amp to 100 Amp or 400 Amp to 160 Amp.

    The ARMOR-TECH advanced enclosure system ensures continuous reliability in mud, rain, snow or other challenging situations.

  • 600A Stage Pin CUBE®

    One of many standard studio stage pin configurations combining state of art in safety and functionality. Conventional metal enclosures can be easily be dented creating a great potential for electrical failures and accidents. Our non-conductive enclosures provide a priceless peace of mind.

  • 30A L21-30 Convention Center Dog House

    Eliminating the constant replacement of costly fuses, critical downtime and never-ending maintenance cost.

    Unlike traditionally fused convention industry style dog houses we utilize 100% rated rocker style hydraulic magnetic breakers suitable for continuous use.

    We offer many advanced solutions for the convention industry.